Thursday, 27 February 2014

The wonderful world of Jackets

I was recently asked to try out Wonder Jackets from McCains, a lovely jacket that takes 5 minutes or less to cook in the microwave, I can honestly say they are wonderful to eat no lumps whatsoever, I'm someone who just likes the chedder cheese and coleslaw on top, great as a lunch or added to your main meal. I would definately recommend this to anyone.  Was given vouchers to buy more of these so I'm one happy person.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Aloe Vera

I've recently started drinking Aloe Vera drinks and love them to bits, they are very refreshing and not too sweet with actual aloe bits in the bottle and they come in various flavours my favourite being the original one in the green bottle.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


On Saturday 14th December Myself, Son, Daughter and Dad visited Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland and what a wonderful time we all had.  We made sure we arrived 20 minutes beforehand to collect our skates etc and off we went, what a lovely sized ice rink it was as you can see by the photos, they even had a live singer in the centre for all to enjoy.  We got an hours skating in total which probably was enough. After that the kids tried hoop the bottle where you basically get the hoop completely over the bottle. No such luck I'm afraid.  Loads and loads of beautiful stalls selling various things. Couldn't believe how many people were there. We had some food, drink etc and watched some of the great fairground rides, none of us were brave enough to have a go. A great day/evening would definately go again. 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dazzle me

Recently saw a product on #QVCUK and thought this would do perfectly for me. Its a portable power bank with LED flashlight.  There are times when your out for the day and your mobile phone starts to die on you and you need another battery, well not anymore, my portable power bank charges my phone while its in my pocket or bag, all you need is the cable, attach one end to phone and one to hipstreet dazzle and it starts charging straight away. I've fully tested it while I was ice skating at Hyde Park and I must admit I got a full charge in two hours which was well impressive.  I'm told that when fully charged and not being used it should be able to hold the charge for upto a year. Don't think I'll ever try that as hipstreet will always be used now. A great little gadget to store in your bag or coat. Comes in different colours and I went for the red one.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Lighting up the sky

Recently bought LED lights for our bikes, excellent service from Argos and a very reasonable price for set of 2. Easily attached to bike no cable ties needed. Very bright and do the job brilliantly.  Now feel safe riding our bikes in the evening with it getting darker each day.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A whale of a time

Well here it is finally my daughters diaroma, a typical day in a whales life. Really pleased with end result, just used a crisp box, daughter painted it, added some real shells at the bottom and a starfish. Then we used some plastic plant leaves for a bit of greenery. I drew the whale and daughter coloured in. A few printed pictures of fish and there we have it.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Love my Biorb

Well finally got my Biorb 30 litre tropical fish tank up and running, have done lots of research on the net and am so pleased with it. Very easy to set up i.e. the air pump, service pack filter, airstone and tube. As previously mentioned I have a tropical tank which requires a heater so I opted for the Biorb one which seems to be very accurate at keeping temperature regulated.

First I allowed the tank to cycle  which only needed a week to make the water acceptable,  I know it says 24 hours but wanted to make sure. I bought myself 3 danios which are very hardy fish and peaceful.  I left them for a week and then bought 2 platys which are also hardy fish.  Next on the list were plants which help the tanks biological system, I went for moss balls this time, and again very pleased, very green in colour and healthy looking.  I left it for a week and bought another 3 fish this time harlequins which I didn't actually go in the shop to buy originally, they are lovely looking fish. I have now bought myself 2 balloon mollies which are very unusual looking but love them. Im told I can have roughly 12-15 fish depending on size so the only ones left to buy are the bottom feeders which I will purchase after a week. All the fish bought have been purchased from Pets At Home in Enfield. The moss balls bought online from company using Ebay.  Hopefully more to follow.